EZ Auto Lift



Who are we?

EZ Terms Auto LLC, is a family owned business by Bill and his wife Lisa Mrklas. EZ Terms Auto is the proud to offer the EZ Auto Lifts brand 2 and 4 post lifts.  EZ Terms Auto is  powered by the passion of car enthusiasts, the EZ Auto Lift brand offers a range of auto/vehicle lifts that cater to various needs, from rare and vintage cars to modern models. Customers with collections that span the spectrum of automotive history, EZ Auto Lifts prides itself on accommodating racers, gearheads, and those seeking extra garage space. Located in North East Ohio, the team frequently participates in local car nights and monthly meet-ups, serving a diverse community of car lovers. For those looking to complete their collection or make more room, EZ Auto Lifts provides the perfect solution with their 2 and 4 post auto lifts, featured at competitive prices with options for free pickup in Chardon Ohio or delivery to your facility.